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Master Blaster®

Blasting Riders
into Gravity-
Defying Fun!


Best Waterpark Ride
for 10+ years!


  • Gravity-defying water-based coaster
  • Patented technology
  • Customize with Dueling Master Blasters®, allowing riders to challenge each other to a thrilling race
  • Available variation: Family Blaster

WWA Innovation Award
First Acrylic
Master Blaster®
on a Cruise Ship


The Master Blaster® is the industry’s most exciting gravity-defying water-based coaster with hair-raising drops and breath-taking curves! Our exclusive, award-winning patented technology blasts riders uphill on jetted water, providing unstoppable thrills to the very end.

The Master Blaster® uphill water coaster delivers amusement park style excitement and is an instant crowd-pleaser. The versatile Master Blaster® is available in many configurations and can be customized to suit your needs.

Product Features

  • Tested and proven technology
  • Available in double and triple inner-tubes or family raft version, allowing riders to 'go it alone’ or share the ride experience
  • Customize with Dueling Master Blasters, allowing riders to challenge each other to a thrilling race
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations


Ask for our Fiberglass Colour Guide to select your custom colour from over 40 colour options.

Fiberglass Colour Guide

Product Sales Sheet

Master Blaster Sales Sheet


Waterslide Guide


Master Blaster Videos


Master Blaster®

Facts & Figures

Master Blaster

  • Typical Height: 55 ft (17 m)
  • Typical Width: 5 ft (2 m)
  • Capacity Per Hour: 360 riders
  • Speed: 15-40 f/s (5-13 m/s)
  • Vehicle: 2 person inner-tube

Family Blaster®

  • Typical Height: 48 ft (15 m)
  • Typical Width: 9 ft (3 m)
  • Capacity Per Hour: 720-1080 riders
  • Speed: 15-40 f/s (5-13 m/s)
  • Vehicle: 4-6 person family raft

Master Blaster® is a federally registered trademark of Water Ride Concepts, Inc. and is covered by the following US patents: #5.213.547; #5.011.134; #5.230.662; #5.020.466; #5.453.054; and #5.379.553. Worldwide patent-pending.