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Mat Racing to
a Sensational
New Level!


Key Selling Features

  • New twisting flume configuration has high thrill level and increased visual appeal
  • Enclosing looping AquaTubes twist riders unexpectedly into other lanes
  • Competitive environment encourages repeat races and an extended stay

Best New Product
Honorable Mention


The WhizzardTM is a high-speed mat racer that sends riders through enclosed looping AquaTubes that serpentine alongside each other, transitioning into the traditional side-by-side multi-lane design.

Add even more thrill with the Whizzard™ Twist, a configuration where enclosed AquaTubes twist and wind around each other, jumbling riders unexpectedly into other lanes. Not only does this optional addition to the Whizzard™ look impressive from the sidelines, but adds a new level of thrill and excitement.

Product Features

  • Enclosed flume section increases the exhilarating mat racing experience
  • New twisting configuration increases excitement and thrill factor
  • Competitive environment increases repeat visitors who want to challenge their friends
  • Tighter footprint takes up less valuable space
  • Left or right-hand configurations can accommodate nearby obstacles
  • Strong visual and spectator appeal with twisting and looping flumes
  • Multiple lanes offer unlimited colour options for a bright and eye-catching waterslide
  • SilkTek™ launch and shutdown lanes


Ask for our Fiberglass Colour Guide to select your custom colour from over 40 colour options.

Fiberglass Colour Guide

Product Sales Sheet

Whizzard Sales Sheet


Waterslide Guide


Whizzard Videos



Facts & Figures
  • Typical Height: 45-55 ft (14-17m)
  • Typical Width: 2 ft (1 m)
  • Capacity Per Hour: 150 riders per lane
  • Speed: 15-40 f/s (5-12 m/s)