Maintenance Mechanics: Turn Your Water Park Into a ‘Hot Rod’

With COVID-19 keeping us all indoors, I have glued myself to the TV to watch one of my favorite guilty pleasures—Car Fix. As the title suggests, the show follows two mechanics as they restore everything, from classics to modern vehicles, teaching the audience how these jobs can be done at home with the right tools and experience.

This show got me thinking, WhiteWater operates in a similar manner to the mechanics. Hear me out—attractions, like cars, also require regular maintenance to identify issues, like chipped or peeling paint, before they turn into major problems. Like the show, WhiteWater serves as a resource for park owners to help perform inspections and advise General Managers on how to use the tools in their arsenal to craft together a maintenance plan on how to best care for their park.

Start Your Engines

We know that there is a lot of activity going on when you open a water park. From our decades of combined experience as park operators, designers, suppliers, and guests, we have been there and experienced it. Because we know the intricacies related to running a water park, our team has crafted a detailed maintenance manual to support you as you navigate your way through running a water park.

By regularly assisting with maintenance checks and educating owners on the practical steps of how to plan and budget for regular maintenance, WhiteWater works with operators to ensure products continue to run smoothly for years to come. With this mindset, it is our constant endeavor to make sure the experience of working with WhiteWater is a seamless and memorable one. We do this by working with the client’s own subcontractor, or for the work we do not directly take on ourselves, by introducing the client to a reliable and professional subcontractor, as uncertified technicians or contractors can cause more problems than good.

A Trusted ‘Pit Crew’

Water slides require constant polishing and sealing to reduce the risk of cracks and chips; something seemingly small like water deposit buildup can cause an uncomfortable ride for guests if not maintained. WhiteWater’s customer service team checks in with operators to ensure they are equipped to do maintenance checks and daily inspections. By budgeting and conducting regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections owners can diminish the risk of downtime, save time and money in the long run, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Safety is non-negotiable at WhiteWater; we want to work with you to guarantee all products meet or exceed safety standards regardless of the status of their warranty. The proper maintenance of your water park and its equipment is essential to ensuring rider safety and comfort, extending the life-cycle of your equipment, and increasing the curb appeal of your park. Customer perception is a factor in return business so careful maintenance helps to keep your park looking its best—they need to be maintained in order to induce maximum smiles and laughter.

Increase Your Park’s Lifespan

To learn more about our promise to our clients or how we help to keep your attractions in optimal shape, please get in touch with us—WhiteWater’s Customer Service and Maintenance teams are always here to help you make the most of your attractions.

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Cassidy Newman