Reviving Noah’s Ark’s Shoot the Chute Water Ride, Flash Flood

Two boats that didn’t float
The boats of Flash Flood, Shoot the Chute water ride at Noah’s Ark Water Park at Wisconsin Dells were beginning to show signs of ageing and deterioration. To bring them back to life, the team at the water park commissioned WhiteWater West After Sales to carry out the maintenance work and save them from further wear and tear.

What went wrong
Two boats of Flash Flood were out of service and deteriorating with visible indications of damage. The metal surfaces and bars were covered with rust and corrosion and the paint was fading and worn out.  Every part of the boat structure needed thorough inspection and repair to reassure customers’ perceptions. Reviving the boats to get them up and floating was far from easy.

From sinking to survival: How WhiteWater helped
WhiteWater proposed a refurbishment plan and methodology to preserve the boats with the aim to give increased life expectancy with minimum possible investment and resources. As one of the first steps, our team began this project by identifying the sections of the boats that needed repair and refurbishment by conducting a thorough inspection. In keeping with the safety guidelines and mandates, we established a strategic and systematic work process that would help us achieve this.

From tiny nuts and bolts to bigger parts of the boat like seats and steel lap bars, reviving the boats entailed repairing and/or replacing all the corroded and worn-out parts, assembling them and repainting them. Besides this, we also conducted non-destructive testing (NDT) of the steel frames to evaluate the structural components of the boats without damaging them. Once the project is complete, the boats will not just get back to life but float better with a stronger and more sturdy structure, last longer and need less ongoing maintenance.

“For us, no job is too big or too small. A first-of-its-kind project, this was a highly detailed task which shows the value of renovating your existing assets. We would be happy to provide this service to other customers with Shoot the Chute rides, as well.” – Scott Heke, President, After Sales Division, WhiteWater West Industries Pvt. Ltd.

After refurbishment


You can count on WhiteWater’s After Sales & Services
Whether its pre-season or end-of-season, WhiteWater’s After Sales & Services team is always available to address any park’s specific needs, from the smallest replacement part to a complete refurbishment and everything in between, all with competitive pricing and amazing customer service. We have a complete line of water ride and park maintenance products and services that can bring your water rides and play structures back to life and keep them running for years to come.

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