What does our new look mean?

Like most successful brands in the world, we have a clear vision and goal. From our start as a water park operator in 1980, WhiteWater has had one clear purpose: to create places where families can unite and make joyful lasting memories.

Throughout the last four decades, we’ve looked and expressed this differently. As with our product portfolio, we strive to stay ahead and consequently, we’ve updated our identity to better express what makes WhiteWater different—what makes us the right choice.

We wanted to remind people that it isn’t only our size and decades of experience—with over 5000 projects under our belt—which makes us market leaders, it’s our people and their thinking. We’re celebrating our strengths, which are made up of the creativity, precision, and commitment of the most talented people in the industry. This approach has created the customer-centric business that we are today.

We aim to inspire our clients by unleashing our creativity to realize their ambitions and craft solutions to make each park unique. By fusing imagination with precision engineering and careful manufacturing, we are dedicated to making products that operators can count on, because we understand the importance of reliability and efficiency.

We want to excite parks to “think big” because with WhiteWater’s scale, experience, creativity, and delivery, we can make it happen. Therefore, we have introduced a new tagline, “Entertain the Possibilities”. It is also behind the current “Be Boundless” brand advertising campaign that we are running, which showcases the idea that we’re here to help make the impossible possible.

By ensuring safety, entertainment value, and innovating to meet the operators’ needs, we make parks more successful, and their success drives ours.

We might have a new look but in all our years, we’ve never once forgotten why we’re here – to help parks solve problems, create immersive experiences, and delight guests all over the world. In short, WhiteWater creates places where fun thrives.

Su Ann Quah