In a competitive landscape, ensure that your hotel or resort stands out from the crowd by offering your guests a reason to stay and play.


The price-conscious, the business traveler, and the vacationing family are all going to do their research to find the location that checks all of their boxes. It’s never been easier for travelers to compare and contrast hotels and alternative accommodations.  By adding water park amenities, you’ll be able to entice families, fill your shoulder seasons and weekends, and potentially encourage business travelers to come earlier or stay later and bring their families.

5 Overview, Shankus Water Park and Resort, Gujarat, India


Depending on your region, the amount of space you have available, and your number of rooms, your aquatic entertainment amenities could take on a number of different forms. From existing indoor pools adding a slide and splash pad to new outdoor builds, there is a solution to keep your guests happy and returning.

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Finding the right mix of attractions will be dependent on a variety of factors, many of which have been mentioned above. Ultimately, the attractions you want to include in your water park should maximize the space, accommodate your hotel’s capacity, and differentiate you from the competition. Here are the 4 main product categories you’ll want to consider:

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1. Rivers and Waves

Rivers and Waves are essential for any water park and are often rated among the top attractions for guests. They effortlessly capture capacity while keeping families of all ages entertained, and on-premise, for hours as they relax and play.

Lazy River - Solaris Aquapark, Šibenik, Croatia

2. Water Slides

Water Slides are the cornerstone of traditional water parks, delivering fun and excitement for everyone, from small kids to adventurous adults. They can be designed to fit any footprint, age range, and thrill level.

3. Interactive Water Play

Interactive Water Play structures are specially-designed multi-level play structures that engage children for hours while their parents can sit back and relax. This queue-line free attraction also helps to absorb crowds with a range of instantaneous capacities.

AquaPlay AP150 - Arbor Lakes at Palmer Ranch, FL, USA

4. Surf Machines

Surf Simulators offer you guests a skill-based attraction that has a big appeal for the teen demographic. Our FlowRider(add-in registered mark) line of sheet waves creates a hub around which food and beverage can be located and drive additional revenue opportunities through rentals, lessons, and corporate events.

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The Payback

One of the key benefits of aquatic entertainment amenities is gaining the competitive edge over, not only your direct competition, but also over other entertainment options that are vying for guests’ dollars.
If researched and planned correctly, adding water parks has been proven to boost a hotel or resort’s occupancy and ADR. Properties with water parks or other aquatic amenities are able to demand higher rooms and increase their revPAR overall.
Ultimately, the goal for any resort or hotel is to increase their occupancy and provide their guests with an exceptional experience so that’ll return.

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RainFortress 5, Jungala at Vidanta Riviera Maya Resort, Cancun, Mexico
RainFortress 5, Jungala at Vidanta Riviera Maya Resort, Cancun, Mexico
5 Overview, Shankus Water Park and Resort, Gujarat, India

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