Aquatica Orlando

The fantastic Aquatica Orlando by SeaWorld has been voted the Nation’s Best Outdoor Waterpark 2018 by USA Today, and it owes its popularity to the fact that it not only caters to guests of all ages, but of all abilities as well. In 2019, the park became the first water park in the world to be designated as a certified autism centre after partnering with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). Aquatica’s staff undergo specialized training which ensures that they have the right knowledge, skills, temperament, and expertise to cater to children with special needs. Each ride at the park is also rated on the IBCCES Sensory Guide, giving parents the tools that they need to decide which rides are suitable for their kids.

Aquatica is home to a host of exciting WhiteWater products, including a FusionFortress 12, a colourful 8-lane Whizzard mat racer, a Super Bowl, inner tube slides, and last but not least, the very first Master Blaster + AquaSphere + Manta Fusion in the world. Named “Ray Rush”, this fusion slide, which gives riders the chance to glide and spin through the water like a manta, won Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket award in 2018. The slide starts with a horizontal burst on a Family Blaster—the first of three notable features—before accelerating riders around a sharp corner and into a translucent AquaSphere. This 22-feet in diameter glowing, fog-filled orb, sends guests back and forth up its inner walls before exiting them into a dazzling enclosed flume, whose only illumination comes from the AquaLucent manta rays along the top. The ride then ends with a 20-feet near vertical drop into the appropriately named Manta feature.

The park’s FusionFortress 12 covers 15,000 square feet and sports extensive theming, complete with whimsical characters in an array of bright colours. The iconic 8-lane Whizzard mat racer, on the other hand, allows guests to race with seven of their friends! The park’s Dolphin Plunge slide, which consists of two AquaTubes, blasts riders into a brilliant underwater world that a pod of Commerson’s dolphins call home. It’s Aquatica’s most popular slide, as guests delight in zooming right by these beautiful creatures.


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