Calaway Park

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Timber Falls Log Flume ride makes a big splash for Calaway Park

A new Log Flume installation at Calaway Park helped the popular Calgary amusement park expand their ridership capacity while boosting seasons pass and online pass sales extensively.

The new Log Flume takes riders on a highly themed sawmill ride. Visitors are invited to take a journey through three interactive themed buildings as they queue up to the Timber Falls Sawmill. Riders will feel the rush of three high velocity drops and a zig-zag river section as they traverse the highly themed adventure. Non-riders can join in the action from the Timber Falls view area where spectators have access to two explosive water cannons. Guests are encouraged to take their memories home with a photo from the Timber Falls Photo Booth.



"WhiteWater has been an outstanding company to work with! The company and team have supported us not only at the construction phase, but also once the ride was complete and in operation. Our new “Timber Falls” log ride has tripled our ridership capacity to approx. 900 riders per hour, is completely themed under the direction of the WhiteWater design team, and has increased our online sales by 39%. Calaway Park could not be happier with our new ride and the relationship that we have with the team at WhiteWater."

Bob Williams
General Manager, Calaway Park

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