Everland Resort and Caribbean Bay

Yongin, South Korea

Everland Theme Park

WhiteWater Attractions created a world-class attraction for South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland Theme Park in Yongin, which replaced their 30 year old Flume Ride with a brand new Super Flume called Thunder Falls.

The new Super Flume presents a win-win situation for Everland Resort: park guests experience a longer ride with more of their friends while the park enjoys higher throughput. Thunder Falls has substantially boosted Everland’s ride capacity with the introduction of eight person boats replacing the four person boats used in the park’s previous flume ride. The resulting throughput averages 1400 riders per hour. Thunder Falls will be WhiteWater Attractions’ largest ride ever built in terms of the number of unique features integrated into the ride experience.

The addition of a water ride in a traditional theme park gives guests a place to escape the sweltering heat of the summer sun. Flume rides such as Thunder Falls have been a traditional staple in theme parks for years, providing ride diversity and the quintessential splash every park needs. Although traditional, the Super Flume from WhiteWater Attractions has taken the guest experience up a notch!

Everland has been entertaining guests since it opened in 1976 and today ranks sixteenth in the world for theme park attendance, entertaining over 7 million guests annually.


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