Gui’an Water Park

Fuzhou, China

The first Raft Battle debuted at Gui’an Water Park, a park located near China’s eastern seaboard in Fuzhou province. The park guests can enjoy WhiteWater products such as the Boomerango, AquaPlay, and the huge No Boundaries 200, but this is the first water ride in this water park which makes Raft Battle stand out for the different interactive river experience it offers.

The words say it all: “Raft Battle is a ride we were proud to unveil to the public recently. We are excited by it because it offers a new level of interactivity, allowing guests to engage in a water fight with each other as well as with onlookers. It is far from a passive experience and we think it’ll be fun for spectators to watch and interact with it too! We are very happy to have the Raft Battle installed at Gui’an and look forward to the guest response. It seems a promising water ride with great capacity!” – Mr. Xu Yijie, Contract Manager, Gui’an Waterpark


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