Hawaiian Falls Waco

Waco, Texas, USA

The Hawaiian Falls Waterpark chain exceeds expectations

In 2012, Hawaiian Falls Waco Waterpark came to life, by being resurrected from a deficient city-run waterpark. In fact, Hawaiian Falls Waco not only met its first year projections but exceeding them, much to the pleasure of Dave Busch and the Hawaiian Falls team. From May to Labor Day, the waterpark drew 145,000 guests, 5,000 more than was projected! The old waterpark had a mere 40,000 to 60,000 visitors per season.


"In 1988, we placed our trust in WhiteWater as we were ‘betting the company’ on a new slide attraction that would help increase attendance and revenue. Our trust was rewarded on that occasion and many other occasions over the last 28 years as we have trusted WhiteWater to deliver their products on time and on budget at the 24 water parks we have built and operated."

David Busch
President, Legacy Family Entertainment Company, llc

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