Laguna Waterpark

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Laguna Waterpark, located in La Mer, Dubai is situated by a stretch of pristine beach overlooking the Persian Gulf. The park is a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and the scorching desert heat. Laguna, which means “come meet us” in Arabic, is popular with families, tourists, chill-seekers, and even sports lovers.

Designed with a “shanty town” theme, the park features beautiful, intricate theming all throughout its four zones, which are split into: Splash, Slide, Surf, and Relax. Our products can be found in the Splash, Slide, and Surf zones.

The Slide zone centers around a thrilling slide tower that boasts five first-rate slides:

  • AquaSphere + Manta Fusion – Both Middle East firsts, this 3-person fusion slide features a pulse-pounding 6-meter (19.7-feet) drop into the imposing sawtooth Manta.
  • Constrictor + Super Bowl Fusion – Featuring high banking turns through the Constrictor into the dizzying revolutions of the Super Bowl, this inner tube water slide is a must do ride.
  • 2-Lane Whizzard – Upping the excitement of an already fun Mat Racer, the Whizzard loops riders, racing headfirst, through a darkened flume before popping them out into the sunshine to race side by side.
  • Flatline Loop – Not for the faint of heart, riders begin this high-thrill ride in an AquaLaunch that, when the countdown is complete, will drop the floor out from underneath, plunging them into a near free fall.
  • Freefall – The thrills continue on Laguna’s Freefall water slide where brave guests free fall 70 kph (45 mph) straight down!

The Surf zone features the world’s first 180° stationary wave and what Laguna considers to be the park’s marquee attraction:

  • WaveOz™ – Featuring an entirely inflatable ride surface for added safety, WaveOz is the highest capacity surfing machine in the world.

The Splash zone is the ultimate children’s area. Filled with interactive water play for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens, and even adventurous parents, the zone includes:

  • RainFortress 4 – pouring a massive 1,800 liters (476 gallons) of water from its tipping bucket and featuring over 70 interactive play features, this impressive structure is the perfect spot for kids to while away the day.
  • AquaSpray – Laguna’s splash pad features plenty of interactive water fun for toddlers and younger children to cool off in.



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