Mirabeach at Mirabilandia

Located just outside the city of Ravenna is Italy’s largest theme park, Mirabilandia. The park’s many attractions and themed areas transport visitors around the world and through history from April to September every year. Mirabilandia’s Far West Valley happens to feature a WhiteWater Shoot The Chute, named El Dorado Falls. However, this story isn’t about the theme park, it’s about its adjacent, and equally exciting, water park, Mirabeach.

To complement its range of water thrills and diversions for visitors of all ages, Mirabeach recently added a colourful three-slide complex from WhiteWater. Standing tall in a corner of the park, the tower’s slide mix offers guests a selection of ride experiences, from a solo freefall to head-to-head competition to going near-vertical with friends.

For the daredevils, the bright green Flatline Loop, known as Cobra, drops the floor out from riders, sending them straight down into a horizontal loop to reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. Guests looking for a little friendly rivalry can race their friends on Los Rapidos, the park’s 4-lane Mat Racer. And last, but certainly not least, groups of four can race down Rumba, an AquaSphere + Rattler Fusion water slide, featuring two of WhiteWater’s most iconic rides.

Once guests have had their share of excitement and need a place to relax, they can head over to Baia de Ondas, Mirabeach’s beautiful wave pool, also supplied by WhiteWater. The “most Caribbean wave pool in Romagna” helps to round out the water park’s assortment of attractions and entertainment.

“We had no doubt when it came time to decide how to improve Mirabilandia Beach. We wanted to add a world-class slide complex to our ride mix, one that would be appealing to all of our guests, without exception; which is why we chose WhiteWater. We knew we could count on them to deliver a safe, unique, and crowd-pleasing attraction that would help us to increase our attendance and improve the quality of our offer. We are as thrilled as our guests are with our new WhiteWater water slides.” – Riccardo Marcante, General Manager, Mirabilandia Parks



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