Stone Mountain Park

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Integrated water toys takes this Adventure Trail to a new level

In the spring of 2012, Geyser Towers sprung to life at 3,200-acre Stone Mountain Park. Geyser Towers is the first of its kind, a Prime Interactive Adventure Trail integrated with multiple water elements. It is also the first Adventure Trail to be installed in North America.

Meant as a shoes-on attraction that sprays guests, it has geysers that erupt from the ground, some bursting as high as 25 feet (8 meters) into the air! One geyser is even placed directly under the Adventure Trail, shooting up the middle of the multi-level attraction, to soak guests through the suspended triangle net walk above it. Other spray elements squirt, mist and blast guests as they criss-cross through suspended rope bridges, netted tunnels, towers and the web elevator climb.


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