Wet N Joy Waterpark

Lonavala, India

India’s Largest Waterpark Marks a Milestone for Emerging Market

India’s largest waterpark, Wet N Joy Waterpark, is located in Lonavala, a lush hill station in the Indian State of Maharashtra drawing tourists from all over the world with their natural lakes, historic caves and picturesque mountains. Wet N Joy Waterpark is introducing many firsts to the region, including India’s first Master Blaster and India’s largest Wave Pool which spans 60,000 square feet.

In the middle of the impressive Dual Wave pool is an entertainment stage and surrounding it is over 12,000 square feet of beach space making the wave pool a distinctive place to host corporate events and parties. The man-made surging ocean is framed with the natural lush greenscapes of Lonavala, creating a beautiful atmosphere for playing all day and even into the night.

Other features of the park include a cashless system throughout the facility using RFID wristbands that can be loaded with credit and used to pay for lockers, merchandise or food and beverages. Wet N Joy is not only pleasing to those looking to play and splash, but for those with a big appetite. With four full restaurants and four concession stands around the park, there are a variety of options to satisfy everyone in the family.


"We are happy that our Wet N Joy Waterpark at Lonavala, India has come together so well thanks to WhiteWater. Their product design, quality and project assistance has been outstanding. WhiteWater has proved to be the epitome of professionalism."

Manish Malpani
Director, Malpani Group

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