Systemizing Safety – In Conversation with Mobaro’s David Bromilow

Gauri Kapoor
Posted in WhiteWater Blog on August 22, 2019

WhiteWater’s commitment towards the cause of safety doesn’t just end at creating safe water slides and rides, it goes well beyond our products and aims to create ‘parks’ as safe places where fun can thrive. Taking the safety mission forward, WhiteWater joined hands with Mobaro, a leading software company providing intelligent mobile management and optimisation solutions back in 2017 to help parks stay safe.

Making parks safer
Being our number one priority, we continue to delve deep into the cause of safety. This time, we reached out to David Bromilow, Director, Park and Attractions, Mobaro to get his perspective on the importance of safety and maintenance for parks. Excerpts from the discussion – Part 1 on structuring your safety and maintenance program:

Q. What do you think are the top 3 things to keep in mind to maintain parks?
A. The key to any successful water park maintenance program starts with recruitment.

Firstly, you need to ensure you have the right people and back this up with a comprehensive and well-documented training program for each technician that covers maintenance and all safety provisions and safe systems of work for the park.

The second most important thing is that you must have a robust maintenance program for each attraction including ancillary components such as water management systems. Your planned preventative maintenance program must include scheduled safety and maintenance checks, and planned maintenance processes including equipment rotation and rehab.

Lastly, when I look at a water park or slide / wet attraction set, I always break the system down into logical sub systems when creating or working with a maintenance or checklists program:

  • Slide / Attraction
  • Tower / structural elements
  • Access systems
  • Pools
  • Water quality
  • Water management
  • Welfare and safety systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Guest flotation tubes and devices
  • Communication devices
  • Functional testing / controls

Within each of these aspects, you will have your individual checks based upon periodic schedules, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or even based upon an hourly regime. Please bear in mind, I haven’t included operational safety involving lifeguard training and rescue into this – it is a different safety aspect altogether, but significant, nonetheless.

Q. Do you recommend a checklist to ensure proper maintenance?
A. There are lots of periodic checks, parks need to focus on how to make this checklist a success. My advice is focus on 4 key areas for success:

  1. Good content on your maintenance checklists
  2. A comprehensive training and competency program
  3. A well-established code of practice to ensure high standards
  4. Support procedures to ensure safe and informed practices

Q. Tell us about Mobaro’s collaboration with WhiteWater.
A. There’s nothing like finding a partner in safety. In this respect, collaborating with a company like WhiteWater is always a great value-add. There is lot that we can learn from each other and of course a lot that we could do together to take the safety mission forward. One of the key clients that comes to my mind in terms of collaborating with WhiteWater is Atlantis the Palm, Dubai. It was awesome to see how the Atlantis team incorporated the technical and operational procedures and manuals from WhiteWater onto the Mobaro platform to support the park team, when conducting the routine and scheduled maintenance and inspection programs. Being the manufacturer, WhiteWater understands safety aspects of the products. When combined with the Mobaro platform, parks can put the maintenance plans into practice and ensure that these are regularly followed and adhered to.

To know more on the need on structuring your safety and maintenance program, feel free to reach out to us.

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