Below, you’ll find a compilation of some of the research reports that we have commissioned throughout the years.

Splash Factor

Make the Most of Your Park’s Splash Factor

Leveraging the results of the water rides survey conducted on over 100 parks last year, we are pleased to share the findings through the Splash Factor report. The report is aimed to provide you deeper insight into the emerging trends in the water ride market, and how you can optimize your park’s water ride potential.

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Rethink Play with our 2018 Play Report

From theory to action, what does it take to bring ‘play’ to life?  This report including newly commissioned consumer research in China and North America delves deeply into the psychology of play. Use WhiteWater’s play survey findings to learn how to gain the play advantage in your park.

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With You

2017 Park Priorities Report

Every day is interesting in park operations. Find out how your park’s challenges and priorities stack up against other park owners and operators and see what our expert panel had to say.

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