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Each project at WhiteWater is supported by a team of talented engineers as well as a dedicated project manager to make sure that your park is expertly installed and is safe and ready to delight your guests. Our projects are managed, manufactured and constructed with the industry’s highest quality and safety standards at their forefront.

Our in-house team of engineers perform many functions, from designing the path of play a child takes on an AquaPlay structure to determining the exact curvature of a waterslide and the intensity of the thrilling drop. We take a collaborative approach to our innovative designs with an understanding that each experience must deliver the maximum value in variety, capacity, safety and entertainment.

Like any complicated construction project there are project supervisors on site and project managers keeping things on track and to budget! Our Project Services team is made up of experienced problem solvers, tackling the variability of each unique waterpark and attractions project with confidence.


"We are happy that our Wet N Joy Waterpark at Lonavala, India has come together so well thanks to WhiteWater. Their product design, quality and project assistance has been outstanding. WhiteWater has proved to be the epitome of professionalism."

Wet N Joy Water Park Manufacturer - India

Manish Malpani
Director, Malpani Group


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