Life Floor

Our 'Recommended' Aquatic Safety Flooring System

At WhiteWater a central part of our mission is safety, as part of that we constantly look for innovations which can help our customers ensure their guest’s safety is assured.  We know that for operators ‘slips and trips’ are a high proportion of the incidents recorded and we’ve found a way to dramatically reduce them!

 Introducing Life Floor

As the water park industry leader, WhiteWater is proud to bring Life Floor to water parks worldwide. An award-winning aquatics flooring company, Life Floor manufactures the comprehensive flooring surface solution designed specifically for the unique needs of water parks.

Created as an alternative to conventional surface coatings, Life Floor is a foam-rubber flooring system that delivers unparalleled safety, play value, and comfort—making it a perfect fit with WhiteWater’s water play product lines.

Why flooring matters more than you think

Slips and falls are a challenge in any water park environment. While conventional surfaces often use abrasive coatings, Life Floor has been designed for how people actually want to play in water: barefoot. Life Floor tiles are soft for bare feet, and slip-resistant without being abrasive. Their Ripple 2.0 texture, with deeper grooves, reduces hydroplaning and is popular on applications such as play structure platforms, stair towers, ramps, zero-depth entries, pool decks, and below multi-level play structures.


Life Floor tiles are designed to be slip-resistant without being abrasive. British Pendulum results range from 40-55 depending on texture, giving Life Floor the highest possible BPN result worldwide versus conventional coatings.

Non-abrasive Surface

If you fall on surfaces or coatings that create traction with sharp, gritty texture, you risk cutting, scraping, and other laceration-type injuries. Life Floor provides superior traction without the injuries.


If someone does fall, the high impact built-in cushioning of Life Floor will minimize the bumps
and bruises, while the tile’s soft surface will prevent cuts and scrapes.

How Effective is the Cushioning in Life Floor Tiles?

 The thicker the tile, the safer the fall…

Life Floor 10 mm has a critical fall height of 0.3 meters. During testing, most eggs don’t break when dropped from a height of 0.9 meters above.

Layering Life Floor allows it to absorb even greater impacts. Testers have dropped eggs onto a 32 mm thick Life Floor tile from a roof 7.6 meters above.

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