Vehicle: 4-person rafts
Estimated Capacity: 480 guests/hour
Audience: Family

Part water slide, part Ferris wheel, 100% fun—SlideWheel® is the world’s first and only rotating water slide. What you need to know…

For your guests

  • Spectacular fiberglass effects
  • 90-second wheel ride time
  • 140 meters slide length (460 feet)

A first-of-its-kind slide, SlideWheel naturally has a first of-its-kind ride experience.

Every 30 seconds, rafts are launched into the perpetually spinning SlideWheel where they plunge and oscillate along the moving flume before being churned out into a final serpentine that descends them 11.5 meters (38 feet) into a pool entry. Riders are rewarded with a 90-second spectacle of physical and visual wonders inside the spinning wheel.

For your marketing

  • Dynamic lighting system
  • World's only rotating water slide

A familiar sight in amusement parks, the captivating display of moving attractions has never been seen before in water parks.

The guest interest, word of mouth, and social media buzz that SlideWheel creates is immeasurable. SlideWheel’s impressive 22-meter (72-feet) height when combined with its fiberglass and light effects create an incomparable spectacle, visible, both day and night, from any vantage point. This is the type of attraction that people travel to see.

For your operators

  • Dispatches every 30-seconds
  • Rotates in 2 speed modes
  • 3 rafts in wheel simultaneously
  • 1 raft in exit flume

SlideWheel’s launch conveyor with integrated dispatch control and video surveillance system streamline operations.

The three-conveyor system ensures that the slide’s 16 rafts are in continuous operation from staging to launch and back up again—guaranteeing that three rafts safely navigate the wheel while one is riding the exit flume—maintaining a steady stream of 480 guests per hour.

For your bottom line

  • Iconic anchor attraction
  • 110 seconds total ride time

It’s generally accepted that a new iconic attraction will help drive your park’s attendance and maybe even allow you to raise your gate.

SlideWheel’s unique physical presence makes for great passive capacity, helping to also boost ancillary revenue. Add to that the unmatched phenomenon of rushing through a rotating water slide and SlideWheel quickly becomes the most popular amusements attraction on everyone’s must do list.

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Technical specifications

Vehicle: 4-person family raft

Estimated Hourly Capacity

480 riders – Challenge Mode
340 riders – Family Mode

Standard Dispatch

30 sec – Challenge Mode

42 sec – Family Mode

Minimum Rider Height      

1.4 m / 55 in – Challenge Mode

1.2 m / 47 in w/ accompanying adult - Family mode

Maximum weight

320 kg/ 700 lbs*

*Minimum weight per raft is 200 kg/ 440 lbs. Maximum weight per rider is 100 kg / 220 lbs.

Complaint Standards: ISO Certified, EN1090, EN1069

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