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Water rides and interactive adventure play structures offer diversity within a theme park giving visitors many options to keep them in the park longer. Adventure play provides low-queue fun with the ability to absorb huge capacities; while water rides put the iconic splash into your park, letting your guests cool off while creating a spectacle.

Let us help you tell the story of your amusement park by seamlessly integrating our attractions into your narrative. As water experts, we have integrated the well-known Hopkins Rides products with their 60-year track record of creating successful water rides all over the world into our portfolio, and updated them to perform even better. We offer a diverse selection of experiences for a variety of applications:

  • Our adventure play products provide high throughput and cater to a demographic looking for an active attraction with an edge.
  • Interactive rides and attractions boost length of stay within a park as guests spend their time exploring all the options possible, having a different experience each time they ride, climb, or fly (on our Zip Coaster, of course!).
  • Water Rides are a classic that families love, with just the right amount of thrilling drop and splash.

WhiteWater’s unrivaled commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service ensures that our clients receive the best return on their investments. Investing in our in-house team of experts guarantees you will accomplish your key objectives because we are only successful when you are successful.

Service Solutions for Amusement & Theme Parks

Water Park Installation

Installation Services

A dedicated support team ensures that your park is expertly installed and is safe and ready to delight your guests.

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Our talented artists and designers breathe life into stories all carved by hand and finished with a detailed paint job.

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Maintenance and Support

We’re dedicated to helping clients protect their ride investments to maximize the lifespans of their attractions.

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"WhiteWater has been an outstanding company to work with! The company and team have supported us not only at the construction phase, but also once the ride was complete and in operation. Our new “Timber Falls” log ride has tripled our ridership capacity to approx. 900 riders per hour, is completely themed under the direction of the WhiteWater design team, and has increased our online sales by 39%. Calaway Park could not be happier with our new ride and the relationship that we have with the team at WhiteWater."

Bob Williams
General Manager, Calaway Park

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