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Boost Non-rooms Revenues

Take a Closer Look at Why Hotel and Resort Waterparks are Gaining Popularity

It almost goes without saying that this is an increasingly competitive hospitality landscape for hotels and resorts to drive RevPAR. Guests are offered more accommodation options, from Airbnb to OTAs, than ever before; it is a flexibility that provides a range of experiences and prices to meet guests’ ever-evolving wants and needs. The challenge of finding what guests want and are willing to pay for, and thereby putting heads in beds, is ever more acute.

How to Capture New Markets

Emerging hotel-staying demographics tend to seek experiences over material goods and value public and shared spaces over spending time in rooms. This means looking at ways to increase non-rooms revenue by providing a range of amenities and mixed uses that enhance the guest experience.
If you’re an existing hotel or resort this may require renovating or adapting your design to capture those new and changing markets with better facilities and services. If you’re currently in the planning stages of a new property, now is the time to incorporate future design trends that will maximize ROI and improve operational efficiency.

The Smart Hospitality Investment

Integrating indoor or outdoor water park attractions into your amenity allocation has a huge impact on the property’s RevPAR. Waterparks will attract families, who tend to spend more on non-room purchase, and keep them on site longer to increase room occupancy rates and boost F&B and retail sales. A waterpark for hotel or resort will also help to fill your rooms during shoulder seasons and weekends.

Depending on your footprint, targeted demographics, and climate, there are a number of waterpark options available to transform your hotel into a destination, meaning guests won’t look elsewhere for their entertainment.

These factors, mixed with great customer service will boost guest satisfaction and drive positive online reviews. Our team of former hotel waterpark operators can assist you with optimizing your business plan and help you attract family vacationers year after year.


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Get the Free Guide on Hotel and Resort Water Parks to Help You Assess Your Options

Want to add a waterpark to your hotel or resort? Not sure where to start? Download our introductory guide to adding aquatic entertainment amenities and learn more about the types of attractions that will work for your hotel or resort. Our guide includes the following highlights:

  • A checklist of some of the preliminary questions you should be asking before venturing down the path to adding a waterpark of any size.
  • How to assess your own water park business case.
  • If adding aquatic amenities does make sense, we answer what type of attractions you should add, based on a number of factors.
  • A closer look at the ideal waterpark products for adding to hotels and resorts and how they can add value to your guest’s experience.

Also included in this guide:

  • Words of advice directly from a hotel management team that decided to add a waterpark and what it’s meant for their business, with their tips for any hotels or resorts thinking of adding a new waterpark or waterpark feature.

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Service Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

Water Park Installation

Installation Services

A dedicated support team ensures that your park is expertly installed and is safe and ready to delight your guests.

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Theming - AquaPlay RainFortress at Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAE


Our talented artists and designers breathe life into stories all carved by hand and finished with a detailed paint job.

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Water Park Repair and Maintenance Services

Maintenance and Support

We’re dedicated to helping clients protect their ride investments to maximize the lifespans of their attractions.

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Managing Director of Wings Group for Tourism Investment, Coral Sea Holiday Village Hotel

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