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Building a New Waterpark

Waterparks have been at the heart of our business since we began as one in 1980. Our team is made up of people who have managed and operated waterparks, worked for large design houses, invented the industry’s first water play structure, and even cleaned pools at one point in their careers. WhiteWater brings a variety of perspectives to the table on how to create a successful waterpark from the ground up and help you maintain it long after opening.

Depending on your facility size and business goals, WhiteWater will work with you to develop the ultimate solution to keep guests in your park longer, make them happier, and drive your bottom line.

Expanding Your Existing Waterpark

Expansions and additions can be in the form of a single waterslide retrofitted with a game overlay, a brand new area to expand the square footage of your park, or the addition of a FlowRider to create a special event space to use late into the evening. WhiteWater will work with you to determine any gaps in your products or services and use our adaptable product range to provide a solution that fits your needs.

With the widest product portfolio, we can suggest a diverse range of attractions to compliment your current mix which answer your capacity issues. We may even surprise you and suggest adding an extraordinary super splash water ride to differentiate your park, or show you how we have solutions to utilize your existing vertical spaces.

Service Solutions for Waterparks

Installation Services

A dedicated support team ensures that your park is expertly installed and is safe and ready to delight your guests.

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Park Planning and Design

We ensure that every project is planned to provide a quality guest experience and the best return on investment.

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Our talented artists and designers breathe life into stories all carved by hand and finished with a detailed paint job.

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Maintenance and Support

We’re dedicated to helping clients protect their ride investments to maximize the lifespans of their attractions.

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"Building a brand new waterpark from scratch is a huge undertaking. We needed a partner with the horsepower to get it done and WhiteWater was the right decision. A project of this scale took an incredible amount of teamwork and WhiteWater was with us every step of the way and we opened on time as scheduled."

Typhoon Texas Water Park Manufacturer & Developer

Keith A. Dalton
Co-President, Typhoon Texas

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