Where icons are made.

Learn how to create an iconic attraction and why you need one in your park.

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The experts will answer:

  • What are the characteristics of an iconic attraction?
  • What was something that was supposed to be iconic but didn’t work out?
  • Is iconic an overused term?
  • Why does a park need an iconic attraction?
  • Can something become iconic with experiential enhancements?
  • What can we learn from giga projects that are creating icons?

You will learn:

  • How to evaluate your ride mix to ensure balance between iconic attractions and wide demographic appeal.
  • How to engage guests in making an attraction iconic.
  • Fascinating stories about the history and development of icons.
  • Ways of making an iconic attraction on a budget.
  • How to take existing attractions and make them iconic.
  • How to maximize your ROI and drive successful marketing campaigns.

Iconic Attractions According to Industry Veterans

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Why iconic?

Distinctive theming plus sharks makes this much more than a classic body slide


Why iconic?

Reaching the star Insta moment


Why iconic?

Game-changing vertical water park


Why iconic?

Six distinct experiences that culminate in a photo finish splash


Why iconic?

Two billboard Boomerango walls that challenge riders to go over “The Edge”


Why iconic?

Imposing funnel slide patterned with brilliant candy colours


Why iconic?

Surfing on the high seas that doubles as a visible brand platform


Why iconic?

Only SlideWheel in the Western Hemisphere and serves as a billboard day and night