The parks we build together make life a more colourful place to be. More than just slides and rides, WhiteWater has helped put a magical splash of fun into families’ lives everywhere for over 40 years.

As we look towards the end of the pandemic, consumers are once again seeking shared experiences in order to make new happy memories, giving a day at the park new meaning and importance. 

Moments That Matter to Us

Working within the attractions industry means not only do we help create magic, but we get to experience it ourselves. Here is a collection of some of those moments from familiar faces in our industry:

Mike Oswald

Managing Partner, Management Services, MR-ProFun

Chloe Hausfeld

Director, Marketing & Business Development, Jack Rouse Associates, Inc.

Evan Barnett

President, Typhoon Texas

Geoff Chutter

CEO, WhiteWater

Franceen Gonzales

Chief Experience Officer, WhiteWater

Paul Chutter

President & CCO, WhiteWater

Emily Colombo

VP Strategic Partnerships, WhiteWater

Doug Smith

Global Head of Sales, WhiteWater

Una deBoer

Director of Global Marketing, WhiteWater

Travis Kline

Regional Director of Operations, WhiteWater

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What Makes Experiences Memorable… and Why They Matter

Join us as some of the industry’s top talent explores the science behind memory making and the experience design that helps to make it happen.


  • What makes something memorable and the cultural and life stage aspects to consider.
  • The link between the physical and emotional in anchoring memories.
  • The triggers designers and operators use to make experiences unforgettable.
  • How memorable experiences can drive your bottom line.
  • The role of the family unit, nostalgia, and social affirmation in driving repeat visitation.

Webinar Panel

Andreas Andersen

CEO, Liseberg

Evan Barnett

President, Typhoon Texas

Emily Colombo

VP Strategic Partnerships, WhiteWater

Una deBoer

Director of Global Marketing, WhiteWater

Taylor Jeffs

President, Legacy Entertainment

Denise Weston

Owner, Infinite Kingdoms, LLC

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It’s Time to Build Tomorrow’s Memories

With the broadest product range in the industry and 5,000 projects delivered around the world – we are proud of the memories we’ve helped create for our clients over the past four decades.