Part of the Africa section of Hattiesburg Zoo, the first phase of Serengeti Springs opened in 2024 with a FusionFortress 10 called “TreeTop Trek.” Offering 17,000 square feet (1,580 square meters) of play space, 2 tipping buckets, 9 slides, and 280 features, this giant aquatic play structure and its surrounding AquaSplash Toys provide hours of fun for the whole family.

The most unique part about this FusionFortress is the animal theming. In addition to flat panels with pictures of animals, WhiteWater’s in-house artisans crafted life-like animal figures as well as 2D reliefs, bringing both wonderful colours and a vibrant character to the play structure. Guests will come across critters such as a mid-flight parrot, a prowling tiger, a grazing zebra, a curious lemur, a sitting flamingo, a resting jaguar, a pair of gentle giraffes, and more.


With these attractions, together with a lazy river, beautiful landscaping, and all the amenities that make for a fun day out at a water park, Serengeti Springs is already becoming a popular summer retreat in southern Mississippi—and generating revenue for the zoo’s conservation programs.


Project Highlights

1,800 + 3,000 L

Volume of tipping buckets


Features on the FusionFortress


Instantaneous capacity

Two children at water park
FusionFortress 10, Serengeti Springs at Hattiesburg Zoo
A family at a water park in front of an aquatic play structure with a tipping bucket splashing water
Two girls at a water park
Two girls in front of an animal-themed aquatic play structure
AquaSplash, Serengeti Springs at Hattiesburg Zoo
FusionFortress 10, Serengeti Springs at Hattiesburg Zoo
Kid on a red body slide
FusionFortress 10, Serengeti Springs at Hattiesburg Zoo
One adult and two children slide down a 3-lane multi-lane water slide at a water park
FusionFortress 10, Serengeti Springs at Hattiesburg Zoo
"“Our guests are ecstatic about the park and its addition to the Hattiesburg Zoo. Guests routinely comment on the creative theming that ties the waterpark to the zoo. The work with WhiteWater to integrate the waterpark into our zoo was exceptional and only surpassed by the quality of design and construction. “We are very pleased with our relationship with WhiteWater. We focus heavily on quality and WhiteWater delivered.” "
Rick Taylor, Executive Director, Hattiesburg Convention Commission

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FusionFortress 10, Serengeti Springs at Hattiesburg Zoo