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Getting on the FlowBarrel for the first time is intimidating, as it is backed by 860 horsepower of nonstop, perfect, barreling water. The wave itself was designed after a real ocean wave in La Jolla, California, called Big Rock. It’s an amazing and powerful, but quick wave, so FlowBarrel became the answer to experience the adrenaline of getting barreled for a full minute – or even longer! Not only will flowboarding enthusiasts be stoked to ride this wave, the crowds of spectators that naturally gravitate to watch will be as well.



160 - 240 guests/hr


2695 ft²
247.5 m²

Challenge Factor

Bodyboarding = 3/5
Stand-up Riding = 5/5

Awards and Notable Mentions

Whitewater Member of World Waterpark Association


World Waterpark Association

Leading Edge Award 2012


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