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Who We Are

WhiteWater West Southeast Asia Co. Ltd. (WW-SEA) has a team of industry experts who provide support and guidance to help you develop new parks and operate them successfully.

A joint venture between Vana Nava Company Limited and WhiteWater West Industries Ltd., the WW-SEA partnership brings together a winning team of industry experts from designers, slide path designers, landscape architects, engineers, project managers, and park operators.

Our Vision

Our vision for WW-SEA is to create parks that are the envy of all other parks while making the development process as painless as possible.

We do this through our integrated services solution which supports you every step of the way, from conception right through to operations.

Creating WOW Guest Experiences

Experience the advantage of working with a single leading provider to ensure cross-functional consistency to mitigate issues, overcome potential challenges, and achieve project success together.

We know the complexity that goes into creating a world-class park, which is why we have created a comprehensive suite of services based on our first-hand knowledge of the risks and challenges of developing and operating parks.

To learn more, contact us at: WhiteWater West SEA Co., Ltd  |  546/7 Ploenchit Road  |  Lumpini, Pathumwan  |  Bangkok, THAILAND 10330  |  O:  +66 (0) 2 026 3118  |  F:  +66 (0) 2 252 9340  |  E: wwsea@whitewaterwest.com

Guiding Principles 

Respect All  |  Listen & Collaborate  |  Be Accountable  |  Pursue Excellence  |  Keep it Simple  |  Have Fun


Our Suite of Services


WW-SEA will conduct an in-depth study of your market: competitors, demographics, tourism, economy, access, site, trends, etc. We will then create a detailed business plan based on our research to determine the feasibility and viability of the project and the size of the investment. This is the study that the entire business will be based upon.


Based on the Market Research, we will work with your ownership team to provide conceptual details to the overall vision. Schematic design will take the conceptual block plan and finalize the specifics of each ride, slide, attraction pool, and facility in the waterpark. We will work with the local and lead architect to manage the design process and coordinate all design services with specialists.


WW-SEA will be your Lead Operational Consultant providing critical operational input into the initial design phases of the waterpark. WW-SEA will be responsible for the detailed business plan development, operational input into the detailed design, and construction phases of the waterpark while being the owner’s liaison with all sub-specialist consultants on the project. As part of the pre-operational planning, WW-SEA will prepare a detailed pre-opening budget.


In the lead up to park opening, WW-SEA will hire the waterpark management team and assist them in hiring, onboarding, and training all colleagues. WW-SEA will oversee all operational aspects of the pre-opening process: park and department specific strategies, park-wide processes and procedures, reporting templates, departmental checklist, FFE equipment purchasing and receiving, implementation of park systems, and the setting of Health and Safety Standards. Upon opening, WW-SEA will handle all aspects of the operation while working with the owner to achieve guest satisfaction goals, colleagues engagement goals, and financial goals.


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