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The World's
Only Looping

Industry Innovation Award


  • 360-degree looping waterslide
  • 0 to 2.5 g in less than two seconds
  • Speeds up to 40 mph (60 kph)

“The greatest waterslide I’ve ever been on, in my entire life!”

“Bert the Conqueror”
Travel Channel


The award-winning AquaLoopTM will leave riders and spectators breathless! The anticipation begins the moment the rider enters the AquaLaunch capsule which controls the trap door to an incredible drop below. Facing forward, arms crossed, with a view of spectators below, the excitement builds as the rider waits for the countdown.


The trap door opens and the rider accelerates into a 39 foot vertical free fall drop generating maximum g force into the looping slide of speed and exhilaration!

Dueling AquaLoopsTM

Dueling AquaLoopsTM are an exhilarating twist on the world’s only near-vertical looping waterslide slide. With all the thrills of the original AquaLoopTM, Dueling AquaLoopsTM add another level of excitement thanks to side-by-side action. Side-by-side competition encourages repeat races and visits, increases capacity and gives riders and spectators something to talk about days after their visit!

Product Features

  • Highly accelerated start takes riders into the looping slide reaching speeds up to 40 mph (60 kph)
  • 0 to 2.5 g in less than two seconds
  • Acrylic launch provides riders with spectacular views
  • SilkTekTM translucent flume allows spectators to watch riders
  • Customize with Dueling AquaLoopsTM, allowing riders to challenge each other to a thrilling race
  • Available in a variety of colour options and combinations
  • Strong visual and spectator appeal keeps guests coming back, again and again
  • AquaLaunch available as stand-alone attraction


Ask for our Fiberglass Colour Guide to select your custom colour from over 40 colour options.

Fiberglass Colour Guide

Product Sales Sheet

AquaLoop Sales Sheet


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Facts & Figures
  • Typical Height: 54 ft (17 m)
  • Capacity Per Hour: 180 riders
  • Speed: 59 ft/s (18 m/s)

Licensed by AQUARENA.