For WhiteWater, each design exercise is the seamless collaboration of architects, operational experts, and park designers. This true teamwork enables us to achieve the delicate balance between creativity, practicality, safety and efficiency. Our approach provides a solid foundation for the long-term success of the park by combining all the practical considerations which we know will make park operations smoother. From a new development to a renovation or expansion, our designs answer the needs of both operator and guest to create iconic destinations that work.

Schematic Design to Bring Your Park to Life

Schematic design at this stage explores the concept in greater depth and solidifies ideas. It is here that our designers begin to create CAD plans, generate 3d models and concise detail drawings. Emphasis on practical solutions and problem solving drive this phase while focusing on injecting creativity into your park’s story so that you stand out from the competition and build an emotional memorable brand.


Design Development to Make Sure Things Work Smoothly

We design with purpose, creating beautiful places that are operationally efficient and keep guests happy. We know good design considers in-depth operational and safety measures. That’s why at this stage, we deliver designs in further detail after considering the functional and operational aspects. It illustrates how the project will be constructed, fabricated or produced. The detailed plans produced allow the client and the design team to evaluate the design solutions in terms of impact on both budget and the quality of the visitor experience.


Theming to Add the Magic Touch

Telling a story through intricate theming is an art form. Our theming artists tell stories each day as they breathe life into creatures of the deep sea, colourful birds or cheeky monkeys all carved by hand and finished with a detailed paint job. Our talented designers and sculptors create narratives together that immerse the customer in emotionally engaging, larger than life, 3D themed environments remembered for years to come.


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"Here in the Permian Basin we’re known for our prehistoric dinosaur fossils and footprints. Playing off that ancient history in the design of this new park was absolutely genius on WhiteWater’s part"
Steve Patton
Director of Parks and Recreation, University of Texas of the Permian Basin