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Water rides are an industry staple, providing high capacity family entertainment and huge spectator value. A water ride from WhiteWater will augment your ride mix with an experience where you can dial up or down on splash and thrills, according to your needs. With patented technology, we create exciting family ride experiences from rapids to spinning vortexes and iconic big splashes, to be enjoyed all in your street clothes. With the same focus on safety and heritage of world-class manufacturing, our water rides are an investment delivering decades of return on investment and beloved by guests everywhere.

Product Customization

Raft Battle Water Ride Developer Gui’an Water Park, Fuzhou, China


We can customize your water ride with a host of interactive tools to help you engage with your guests. Increase interactivity by adding spray bollards, water cannons, tipping buckets, and geysers, we can help you accentuate your water ride and create unforgettable guest experiences

Theming - WhiteWater Concept Artist

Ride Design

We can help you leverage your park’s existing topography and design customized ride paths that help you get the maximum entertainment value from minimum costs. WhiteWater experts can help you create water ride paths and footprints with flexibility to go with retrofit applications, too.

Spinning Rapids Ride Manufacturer - Sunac Land, Wuxi, China


WhiteWater’s water rides offer a broad range of theming possibilities and can help you create the impact to differentiate your park. The ride vehicles, stations, and ride paths can be themed to fit into any narrative or storyline. Our in-house team of artists skillfully hand sculpt your thematic elements.

Gain the Water Ride Advantage

Add variety to your park’s ride mix and guest experience with the classic appeal of water ride splash entertaining guests across age-groups.

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