Our role is not just to build you a successful ride, you can expect that, we look at parks holistically and find other ways we can support our customers’ goals. Trust us to protect your interests, which is why we’ve thought beyond water slides and rides to bring you safety flooring that dramatically reduces slip injuries with Life Floor.

Water Slide Refurbishment

Whether in extreme temperatures or humidity, indoor or outdoor, in water parks or in hotels and resorts, we know what works best for your slides and in what environment and water quality.

Side-by-side comparison of water slide before and after refurbishment

Water Ride Refurbishment & Maintenance

WhiteWater’s Water Rides Performance Services Team is a one-stop shop that manages the inspection, maintenance, parts, and refurbishment of these or similar attractions: Log Flume, Super Flume, Shoot the Chute, River Raft Ride, Spinning Rapids Ride, Water Transportation System.

Man working on maintenance and services of water rides - best water slide and water ride manufacturer - WhiteWater West

Life Floor

Slips and falls are the number one water park injury, so we partnered with Life Floor to bring you the best aquatic flooring we’ve found. Life Floor is a foam-rubber flooring system that delivers unparalleled safety, play value, and comfort—making it a perfect fit with WhiteWater’s water play product lines, and it comes in vibrant colours to enhance your park’s look too.

Kids having fun and being safe on the Life Floor by the best manufacturer - Ultimate Safety and Comfort - WhiteWater West


A smoother slide makes for a better guest experience with no scratches. Our patented SilkTek fiberglass technology uses close-molded process (RTM) to engineer water slides that have a superior appearance, consistent thickness, perfectly smooth joints, and are easier to maintain. Plus we’ve research and tested our dyes so that our slides hold their colour longer than alternatives even in harsh environments.

Smooth Water Slide Experience with SilkTek Technology by the best water slide manufacturer WhiteWater West

Protect your park attractions in long and short term

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