We can help you expand the story of your park by seamlessly integrating our water rides and attractions into your park’s narrative. WhiteWater’s water rides and interactive play structures offer diversity to theme park visitors offering them a variety of options to keep them in the park longer.

Raising the bar in guest experience and capacity

By putting the iconic splash into your park, our water rides are excellent capacity-fillers, allowing your guests to cool off while creating a spectacle. Being classic rides that families love, they offer just the right amount of thrilling drop and splash to your park, while helping you get the ROI that you deserve.

The boat splashed a lot of water when it came down the water slides

A range of water rides to choose from

Specializing in water rides, ranging from nostalgic classics like the Log Flume to interactive ride experience of the Raft Battle, we create water rides that can provide the winning formula for parks worldwide. The experienced WhiteWater team provides custom ride design, create theming services and high-quality manufacturing to create reliable crowd-pleasing amusement experiences for the whole family, from concept to completion.

People cheering on the boat

Unrivaled quality and customer service

WhiteWater’s unrivaled commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service ensures that our clients receive the best return on their investments. Our water rides have the same engineering excellence and high build quality as our slides meaning they enjoy proven reliability and last for years when well maintained, which is also something we can support you with.

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Four people just finished their water slides

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