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We have been building waves for over 30 years, and have installed over 400 wave pools, wave rivers, and stationary surf simulators in almost every corner of the globe. From playing with friends in the wave pool to chilling out on a lazy river, these are high capacity water park essentials. Our wave systems are energy efficient, using 80% less power to make a wide variety of waves. Add a FlowRider® stationary wave to draw in teens with the cool surf vibe and drive food and beverage sales as spectators soak up the surfing spectacle.

FlowRider Double - Waterbom Bali (2)


Evoke the quintessential beach feel hundreds of miles away from the coast with a surf simulator.

Surf Wave Pool Mt Olympus Waterpark, WI, USA

Wave Pools

Wave Pools are an essential feature in any water park, with their high capacity and suitability for all guests.

Wave River - Saipan World Resort, Northern Mariana Islands


The perfect way for guests to relax while taking in the scenery, moving through your park.


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FlowRider Double - Waterbom Bali, Kuta, Bali
"The FlowRider® is an integral part of our attraction mix. It is a key ride for families with teens and the spectator appeal, tied in with the surrounding F&B services, is an undeniable win!"
Ken Ellis
Co-Owner, H20OBX
DSC_1626 FlowRider at H20OBX