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Water is a precious element, essential to all life on earth; it sustains us physically and emotionally. WhiteWater’s products use this vital resource and others to create wonderful, shared experiences all around the world. We recognize our responsibility that making fun with water must not risk our planet’s future; it is therefore our aim to be a sustainability leader ensuring all our activities are climate neutral by 2040.

Our promise is to work across every area of our business to minimize carbon and waste impacts, empowering our people and investing to ensure our products are the benchmark for sustainability in our industry. External certifications will support our sustainability objectives and our sustainability scorecard will track our progress. Our commitment to social responsibility is also to give back, with 1% of profits going to environmental charities to create a healthier planet, while working together with our clients to help achieve their sustainability goals, alongside ours.

Our Sustainability Scorecard is a holistic approach that will allow us to champion sustainability within our organization and industry, inspiring and educating as a leading voice for change.


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Water Conservation in Water Park Attractions

Look for features in water park attractions that can reduce water consumption, such as turn on water only when needed, reduce splash outs and evaporation, prevent leaks, and use less water to begin with.

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WhiteWater Announces Corporate-Wide Sustainability Commitment

World’s largest designer and manufacturer of water park products sets ambitious sustainability goals for the next 20 years to help drive change across the industry.

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4 parts of WhiteWater's Sustainability Scorecard: Corporate, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Parks & Products, Social Responsibility

Sustainability Scorecard (1/5): A Holistic Approach

The world’s largest water park manufacturer is placing an urgent focus on sustainability in the attractions industry and setting ambitious corporate-wide goals.

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Sustainability Scorecard (2/5): Corporate

In the Corporate area of our Sustainability Scorecard, WhiteWater is pursuing the ISO 14001 certification and making sustainable changes in its day-to-day operations.

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Sustainability Scorecard (3/5): Manufacturing & Supply Chain

In the Manufacturing & Supply Chain area of our Sustainability Scorecard, WhiteWater aims to halve its waste by 2030 and become net-zero by 2040.

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Sustainability Scorecard (4/5): Parks & Products

For many of our clients, this is what they sell: a pristine environment, protected landscape, feeling good—all the hallmarks of sustainable practices. And because a client’s success is WhiteWater’s success, we will be helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

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White Water's Sustainability Team Visits for Swim, Drink, and Fish

Sustainability Scorecard (5/5): Social Responsibility

On this World Water Day, WhiteWater is announcing a partnership with Swim Drink Fish, a Canadian charity advocating for safe, healthy water. This partnership is part of the Social Responsibility component of WhiteWater’s Sustainability Scorecard—our holistic approach to environmental sustainability.

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Designing for Sustainability

At WhiteWater, we have set out on a journey to becoming more sustainable, setting benchmarks and goals for us to reach. That’s not to say, however, that we haven’t already started making strives to use less water and energy in our products and park design.

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Driven by Our People

WhiteWater’s sustainability initiatives are being driven by its employees. With four teams dedicated to tackling our sustainability goals, it’s going to be a team effort to complete our sustainability scorecard.

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AquaPlay APX - Camelback Lodge and Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, PA, USA

Working with the Industry

With decades of experience, our team of experts have learned a thing or two about how to run attractions and parks more efficiently. We want to share that knowledge to help all parks operate more sustainably and have begun with our first webinar on how water parks can save water, energy, and money.

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