We want to see your investments last, which is why we meticulously consider, test, and validate every component of every attraction. In operation around the world, our attractions have been designed for longevity even in the most challenging environments.


This might seem like an obvious one, of course we’d design for fun, but it’s actually not quite so straightforward. People like to experience fun in a number of ways, so we design for all of the ways in which people play.


At the centre of everything we do, safety is top of mind in every product we design and manufacture. Starting with a team of dedicated safety champions, we have built safety check and balances at every phase of product development, installation, and operation.

Our Products

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Intelligent Ride Design

WhiteWater designs so that all of our rides meet the recognized local and international standards, and our strict internal design guidelines.

This includes paying close attention to factors such as g-force, rider and vehicle dynamics, and rider envelope. We’ve developed proprietary software to simulate and test ride paths at design stage and follow a thorough internal review process as the ride is engineered and constructed to ensure the best combination of safety with fun and excitement.

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Supporting Design Partners

Our ride designers are masters at making safe rides the most fun they can be, whatever the constraints of the brief, like fitting rides in tight footprints or budgets. We work with clients and designers alike to create custom ride designs for greenfield projects, or ride additions to existing parks, helping them uncover their true entertainment potential. We value our relationships with these talented design partners, as together, we break new boundaries in creativity, practicality, safety, and operational efficiency in the industry.

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Whizzard Twist - Six Flags hurricane Harbour (Amusement Today) (8)
"Our new ride tripled our ridership capacity and increased our online sales by 39%. Calaway Park could not be happier with our new ride and the relationship that we have with the team at WhiteWater"
Bob Williams
General Manager, Calaway Park, Canada
Log Flume, Calaway Park, Calgary, Canada