That’s why WhiteWater designs products and services that go above and beyond to ensure that both guest and operator enjoy their day in the park.

At WhiteWater, our goal is to save parks time and money by building smarter attractions that are safer for guests, use less energy, and require fewer staff. We understand the role that optimally performing rides play in a park’s overall success.


A day out at the park should be fun for every member of the family, which is why our team of engineers are always innovating new ways to create inclusiveness. Our Water Transportation System has eliminated the need for ramps, allowing physically challenged guests to queue in the same line as everyone else and to roll onto our boats with ease and efficiency.

Our multi-level AquaPlays can incorporate ramps, visual cues for tipping buckets, pool levels interactives, and warmer water temperatures so that physically and cognitively challenged kids can splash around on a hot summer’s day too.

The family is enjoying the creek, hippos and leisure time

Operational Efficiency

With so many former park operators on the WhiteWater team, we know the pain points that parks face every day, which is why we also know how to help solve them.

We design parks with layouts that experience shows flow better. We have developed slides that require less water, saving on pumps, concrete, electricity, and water consumption. Our family rafts are limited by weight, not number of riders, so groups don’t have to wait on your tower looking to round out their numbers. And our AquaPlay structures have better sight lines, reducing the number of lifeguards required.

In addition to this, through our partnership with Mobaro, we can support park operations by helping them streamline their safety and maintenance, security checks, incident / first aid reporting, and water quality and plant maintenance. The direct link to WhiteWater Maintenance eStore from their app makes it even simpler to maintain your products well.

Little boy on an air raft


We’ve developed a SaaS platform that enables parks to connect their attractions to real-time data, bring their third-party vendors together into one view, and drive guest engagement and satisfaction. 

Vantage allows operators to see issues before they become problems, predict and plan better using reliable guest data and insights, and creates a single window into how every aspect of a park is operating. 

Park guests have a frictionless guest experience, with a single wrist band and app that allows them to purchase front of line access, find their friends, open their locker, and so much more.

Selfie Shack, Island H2O Live!, Kissimmee, USA

Optimize your park’s performance

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Hero AquaPlay 1050 Adventure-Park-Geelong-Victoria, Australia
"We measure MASSIV’s power consumption independently of all other rides. Over eight days of operation this year, the water coaster used $3,000 worth of power. Had it not been equipped with Smart Blast water propulsion jets, we would have paid $6,000 over the same time period"
Ron Sutula
General Manager, Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston
Master Blaster Schlitterbahn new