Make Your Location a Surf Location!

Our family of surf products will pull guests in to ride or to watch the spectacle of talented Flowboarders showing off their skills on the world’s best sheet wave. Our stationary waves will satisfy both your active capacity (those participating in the ride) as well as your passive capacity (those sitting on the sidelines watching), which drives F&B and profitability. Able to go in a variety of locations, we can make whatever available space you have into the perfect surf venue.

Hotels & Resorts

Families with teenagers have built-in decision makers – their teenagers! When a hotel with a FlowRider is presented as an option, there is an alluring pull for teens to jump on a board and try their luck with the gnarliest waves. Since practice makes perfect having your hotel as a surf venue will drive repeat visitation and create memories you all can cherish.

Teenagers waiting in line to play FlowRider

Water Parks

Adding a surf machine to your water park makes everyone happy as surf is a shared experience. Friends and families gather around their member riding the waves and cheer them on. Grandma might not want to ride the water slides, but you bet she’ll be wearing the biggest smile when she watches her grand kids ride the waves. Making your water park a surf venue increases gate sales and guest experience.

A girl is playing FlowRider


Aquatic centers across the world no longer follow the “check-in, take swim lesson, check out” model, they need a bit more excitement. Making your local area into a surf venue creates community, provides a new stream of revenue in terms of private events, and makes those locals happy, which in turn makes for an overall happier town.

People are playing FlowRider indoor

Stand Alone Venues

Whether it be a mall, beach side, or in the middle of a restaurant we want to help you create your dream surf venue and create multiple revenue streams. With three different FlowRider models we have lots of different size options to help bring surf to your back yard. With visitors only needing to be 42″ to ride it’s less about the size of the rider and all about the size of their heart.

A man tries to get higher waves on a flowrider
Flowrider on a luxury cruise ship
FlowRider Double, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Freedom of the Seas
People are playing FlowRider indoor
FlowRider Double, Municipality, Snohomish, USA
A girl is playing FlowRider
FlowRider Wave in a Box, Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia
Three man are playing flowrider
FlowRider Triple, JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, Adventura, USA
Teenagers waiting in line to play FlowRider
FlowRider Single, Hyatt Hill, San Antonio, USA
A man tries to get higher waves on a flowrider
FlowRider, Stand Alone, Singapore

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A man tries to get higher waves on a flowrider