WhiteWater was born in 1980 with one clear purpose, to create places where families unite and make joyful lasting memories.

We achieve this by standing alongside our customers from concept to completion of award-winning attractions, from slides to water rides and everything in between. We are dedicated to making products that operators can count on, because we understand the importance of reliability and efficiency on the bottom line. As market leaders, we put our success down to our attitude, in all our years we’ve never once forgotten why we’re here – to help parks solve problems, create immersive experiences, and delight guests all over the world.

Uncompromising safety

Safety is non-negotiable at WhiteWater.

Each design is evaluated using carefully calibrated simulations, followed by testing and fine-tuning to get the ride experience optimal and the the safety assured. Through our involvement with organizations such as ASTM International and IAAPA, we support the standardization of international guidelines that govern the development of attractions world-wide.

We also keep our employees safe with site safety training and certifications, as well as health and safety procedures in our offices and on site. It isn’t just a duty of care, safety is in our DNA because we really do care, for our people and every guest.

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Unparalleled experiences for every type of park, everywhere in the world

WhiteWater has helped develop water parks since the very start of the industry 40 years ago. As market leaders, WhiteWater’s team of 600 employees has completed over 6,000 projects across theme parks, cruise ships, water parks (indoor and outdoor), and hotels and resorts all around the world. We stand by our work and aim to partner with parks for the long term; our ongoing relationship with the best loved entertainment brands stands testament to our commitment to guests and our clients’ success.

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Quality that lasts

Our products are designed to last, even in the most challenging environments, facing harsh elements such as wind, UV light, humidity, and chemicals. The quality of our engineering means that our products stand up to the worst that nature throws at them—from hurricanes to earthquakes—producing a track record of smooth operating rides that stand the test of time. 

Our SilkTek fibreglass technology, made with a resin transfer moulding process, ensures that slides stay shiny longer, colours brighter, and surfaces smoother. Our quality doesn’t end at our fibreglass slides and water ride boats, but extends to our steel manufacturing, theming, mechanical systems, and more. Our product quality delivers every time, making your investment more worthwhile.

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WhiteWater Leadership Team

Our people make our success

Our hiring motto of "attitude is everything" ensures that our teams have "can do" natures and our clients are treated with exceptional service and customer support. We know that the expertise of our people is key to our success, and we are privileged to attract the best talent within our industry, from industry veterans to bright, young, creative minds.

We talk of ourselves as the "WhiteWater family", because not only are we a family business, but so many employees stay with us for many years, giving us huge depth of experience.

Our team of over 600 individuals at locations around the world show up every day with a passion for their work, making the amazing attractions that WhiteWater makes possible. What we do has meaning – we bring joy to families all around the world, and that is rewarding.

Our People
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Heritage & History

In 1980, WhiteWater started as a water park operator in BC, Canada and made our own slides. Subsequently, we started making them for other parks as well, acquiring a fiberglass manufacturing plant and a local engineering firm within five years. In 1988, our founder Geoff Chutter met and partnered with Andrew Wray from Barr & Wray Waves, and so began the journey of acquiring companies with the best products on the market that water parks need for a complete and satisfying ride mix.

As the water park craze went global, so did we, our first export project was to Japan in 1988, followed by China’s Beijing games in 1989. Soon, we were opening regional offices around the world: Barcelona in 1997, Dubai in 1999 and China in 2011, being the first international provider in our industry to do so. We believe that our global offices, including manufacturing in three continents, have been key to our responsiveness and therefore, success.

Heritage & History
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Awards & Patents

We don’t like to showcase a trophy case, but we’ve won countless industry awards; IAAPA Brass Rings Awards for our products, two TEA THEA Awards, and our clients’ projects win recognition with Leading Edge and Golden Ticket awards. But what we think is significant are the TripAdvisor awards our clients receive, this guest endorsement directly helps their bottom line and is why WhiteWater parks are consistently among the Aecom rankings for the most visited water parks in the world.

Recognized by Deloitte as one of Canada’s Best Managed companies, it is no surprise that our in-house R&D team have created many world’s firsts. We’re always looking at ways we can bring innovation to improve parks. Thinking out of the box and creating products like Vantage is how we stay ahead and help shape trends in our field. We protect the innovation and intellectual property behind our products, owning dozens of patents for slide design, technology, water play structures, surf designs, and water rides.

Awards & Patents

Local & Responsive

Cultures and economies make markets different, which is why we’ve built a truly global organization with teams local to our clients. Our approach to clients is not one-size-fits-all. So, you can always count on our local experts to provide dedicated services, knowledge, and efficient responses to you, no matter which time zone you’re in, or what language you speak.

North America

  • Vancouver, Canada
  • San Diego, California
  • Denver, Colorado


  • Shanghai, China


  • Munich, Germany

Middle East

  • Dubai, UAE

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