Anchor attractions to put your park on the map and drive your gate.

Icon Slides: 16

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Body Slides

A range of experiences from pool siders to speed slides and everything in between.

Body Slides: 13

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Our racing water slides help to add a little friendly rivalry to your water park to generate repeat ridership..

Racing Slides: 5

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Our tried and true favourites of water park guests everywhere.

Classic Slides: 6

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Kids Slides

Provide your youngest guests with an opportunity to experience seven scaled down thrills.

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For a roller coaster experience, these three slides defy gravity and blast riders uphill.

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People having fun - Best Water Slides by WhiteWater West - AquaLucent-Island-H2O-Live-Kissimmee-USA

Fiberglass Effects and Finishes

Don’t underestimate the impact fiberglass can have on your water slide’s appearance and ride experience. Add another layer of customization that will enhance and differentiate your slide from the competition’s by combining physical thrills with visual wonderment.

People having fun at best fusion water slides by WhiteWater West - Mirabeach 2018 - Mirabilandia

Fusion Water Slides

Our Fusion Water Slides can combine two, three, or more features to create epic rides that feature a range of thrills and experiences that guests will rave about.

Best and Most fun Thrill Tower - themed - Best Water Slide Designer WhiteWater West - Perfect Day at CoCoCay, The Bahamas


Finish and theming options to transform an often overlooked element of your water park. We can create tower solutions to match your budget, environment, and footprint.


Fusion water slides

Combine two, three, or more elements in one slide path, give the power to waterpark developers to create their very own “world’s first” attraction.

Best and most fun Fusion Water Slide Boomerango and Manta by WhiteWater West, Nagashima