With rocking waves, exhilarating rapids, engaging narratives, not to mention huge splashes, it’s no wonder that water rides are some of the most popular rides in theme and amusement parks. Given how hard they work for you, make sure they receive excellent care so that they can run smoothly season after season.

At WhiteWater, we call our maintenance and parts and services department “Performance Services.” Why? That’s because we are proactive about helping you to get the most out of your equipment. Whether it’s a refurbishment to draw guests with new features or keeping a ride running without a hitch, we are dedicated to supporting you to ensure guest safety and maximize the return on your investment.

We can manage the maintenance or refurbishment of these or similar products: Log Flume, Super Flume, Shoot the Chute, River Raft Ride, Spinning Rapids Ride, Water Transportation System.

Ride Assessment & Inspection

Do you know the health of your water ride? Are the moving parts still working reliably? And maybe, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you have a feeling there are some inefficiencies eating into your profits.

Our trained eyes and extensive experience can assess the integrity of your attraction and inspect with professional tools. Avoid unexpected frustrations when you know which parts of your ride need service or which parts can be improved.

Annual & Preventative Maintenance

We don’t have to tell you: downtimes are costly. Good staff is hard to find and keep, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pass down knowledge about the maintenance of your rides.

Operate with peace of mind by scheduling annual maintenance as well as having our experts train your trainers. We will also help you winterize your rides so that they can be up and running when spring—and excited guests—come bouncing back.

Refurbishment & Upgrade

Does your budget not allow for a brand-new ride but you still want to attract guests with a new experience? Consider boat refurbishment, ride modification, or upgrade.

Boat Refurbishment

Boats are not just vehicles for transportation; they are storytelling vehicles. In many cases, your boats have earned their retirement after having worked like a horse for years. You can renew your ride by replacing your fleet of boats, with new features such as:

– Individual hydraulic lap bars to customize comfort and improve safety

– Removable floor panels for quick access to maintenance

– High-quality fiberglass and steel to improve durability and reduce corrosion potential

– Immersive themes and colours, or replicate your previous theme

… all precision engineered to optimize performance and operational efficiency.

Ride Modification or Upgrade

Reinvigorate your water ride with modified configurations, added drops, or creative retrofits. Or upgrade your structure with steel replacement so that your ride can continue putting on a show for years to come.

And you don’t have to do it all at once. WhiteWater’s Water Rides Team can lay out a plan for you to upgrade your ride in stages, over a defined period of time as your budget allows.

A super flume boat full of riders, splashing water in a track

Replacement Parts

It’s a matter of time; every moving part will need to be replaced if you want to extend the life of your ride. Call us sooner than later to stock up on your spare parts; you don’t want to have to shut down a ride while waiting for a part to be shipped.

Four people in a Spinning Rapids Ride boat in a river

Orphaned Rides

The original manufacturer is not around anymore to look after your ride? Our passionate water ride aficionados build similar rides and have the expertise to take good care of it for you—and yes, including its control systems too.

Two adults and two children in a boat going down log flume ride


More than parts and service, get the most performance and life out of your water rides.

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