Wear and tear is inevitable. At WhiteWater, there’s nothing we love more than seeing our products shine beautifully and operate safely to bring your guests joyful experiences. That’s why as the original manufacturer, we approach water slide resurfacing and restoration differently. If it has the WhiteWater name on it, we want to take excellent care of it.

Why Contact the Original Manufacturer for Water Slide Restoration and Resurfacing?

Simply put, we engineered your slides, so we know them like no one else. As one of the pioneers of the water park industry with over 40 years of experience worldwide, we understand fiberglass. Whether in extreme temperatures or humidity, indoor or outdoor, in water parks or in hotels and resorts, we know what works best for your slides and in what environment and water quality.

Because safety is of utmost importance, we take a diligent approach. Before beginning work, we strongly suggest a thorough inspection to check for the extent of wear and tear, look for damage and potential issues, as well as examine any previous work done on the water slides. You will then receive a detailed inspection report complete with recommendations to get your equipment back to original finish and top working order.

Clean, Buff, Wax Plus OEM-Approved Water Slide Gel coat and Clear coaT PAINT

We offer a range of refurbishment services, including:

– Clean, buff, wax

– Resurfacing

– Clear coat

– Gel coat

– Repairs

Your slides deserve quality care. To make sure they will look great for years to come, we apply best-in-class gel coat verified by the proprietary knowledge of our in-house materials specialists. The high-end, automotive grade clear coat we use on your slides give maximum protection against UV.

Tip: Know the difference between wear due to environmental exposure and wear due to friction. The first can be remedied through a new clear coat and the second requires resurfacing.

Water slide resurfacing and restoration work before and after comparison

Consider Fresh Themes for Your Water Slides

Now that you’ve decided that your water slides need refurbishing, why not give them a new theme? Depending on the surface, we can paint new colours and patterns or even eye-catching artwork that guests would want to photograph and share on social media.

Before and after water slide refurbishment with new theme

Taking Care of Clients Beyond Slide Refurbishment

When we finish your slide restoration work, we don’t just say goodbye and wish you luck. We provide training to show your maintenance crew how we perform basic repairs on these water slides and re-caulk joints. Where possible, we will check the water flow and water levels of your slides for safe operations.

We will also take a look at other water slides in your park to make sure there are no major issues.

Sometimes, slide recommissioning is required after refurbishment. As the OEM, we are able to do this and provide all adjustments, testing, and documentation needed.

People walking a water slide to inspect

Ready to Answer Your WATER Slide Restoration Questions

Contact WhiteWater’s Performance Services for a consultation of how to bring your water slides back to brilliant life—wherever in the world you might be.

Man with headset in front of computer helping client answer questions

Make your water slides shiny and new for years to come.

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Tailspin, Marassi Water World, Egypt
"We were impressed with WhiteWater’s professionalism in this AquaPlay refurbishment project. As the original manufacturer, the team came into this job with an eye for detail and deep knowledge of the products, parts, and construction. We were especially happy with the creative solutions the team developed onsite, which aligned with our LEGOLAND theme to provide a custom look that went beyond our expectations. The high quality of work made this project a success."
Kevin Carr
Hotels Director, Merlin Entertainments
Aquatic play structure refurbished
"If I ever need repair or replacement parts everyone in the Maintenance and Support department has always been very helpful and professional; my lead times are minimal, their staff are friendly and efficient and they also inform me if any delays are expected. I highly recommend them."
Roger Skaggs
Maintenance Supervisor, NRH2O Family Water Park
"We are extremely happy and grateful to WhiteWater for the outstanding job they did on upgrading our slide tower and AquaPlay structure. After many years of family fun we needed the expert guidance and direction for this project. The hard work, dedication, and attention to detail was shown all throughout by experienced and passionate WhiteWater staff.  They completed the project beyond our satisfaction while dealing with the challenging effects of the pandemic."
Tim Miller
Water Park Supervisor, City of Palmdale, DryTown Water Park
Water slides and exit pool
"We are extremely happy with WhiteWater for the outstanding job they did on bringing our water slides back to life. The team put in a lot of hard work and attention to detail to complete the project beyond our satisfaction. Our slides look brand new!"
Brandon Pope
Director, Kamp Dels
Yellow and orange water slides
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