Everfashion Theme Park has just expanded their ride mix with the addition of the family adventure attraction, No Boundaries. The Chinese theme park, located in Fushun, China, famous for creating memorable family experiences is once again leading the way in theme park innovation with the world’s first No Boundaries. Experience No Boundaries HERE.

No Boundaries is an iconic attraction offering high thrill and high challenge activities for guests of all ages and skill levels. WhiteWater’s team of Play Psychologists have expertly integrated different ways to play within one attraction, creating an unforgettable, never-before-seen experience. Offering more than ten different activities within one compact footprint, No Boundaries enables families to play side-by-side while doing different things—keeping everyone happy and occupied.

With a skyline changing visual presence, No Boundaries combines activities for harnessed and unharnessed participants. This one-of-a-kind adventure park is fun for the whole family, weaving together a challenging course of uphill climbs, downward descents, and a winding aerial zip coaster.

“We’ve really packed this attraction with features,” says Mark Weston, Designer and Product Manager of No Boundaries. “I’m extremely proud that we’ve created, for the first time, parallel play in one structure where siblings of different ages can race across the attraction in tandem; the older enjoying the high thrill harnessed play while the younger test their limits with unharnessed challenges. It is a mini-family adventure park all on its own!”

WhiteWater’s automated and patented safety technology allows guests to explore the structure with limited supervision making this an efficiently-operating attraction. Their continuous harness clip allows guests to zip from one platform to another without ever having to unhook; this technology will shorten queues and allow for a higher capacity throughput.

The second installation of No Boundaries will be open to the public soon in China. In 2018, the NB100 model can be seen in Malaysia, as well as Abu Dhabi.