At WhiteWater, we believe play is at the core of why people visit parks. Revaluating play is more than just creating the right play structure or slide, it’s about understanding the play psychology of your guests and creating play experiences that can help them bring their play types alive, and empower them to be playful, once more.

By using a quantitative research methodology, we surveyed 3 different types of audiences comprising 1100+ adult respondents from within the industry, and consumers across US and China – with the idea to probe deeper into the psychology of play, understand the fundamental human drive behind why people play and how they play. And more significantly, how these insights can be applied practically to create parks that are not just more satisfying, but more profitable as a result. Here are the some of the key findings from the report:

While these are just a few of the survey findings, the complete Play Report offers detailed findings of the survey, tips on bringing play alive in parks, a play evaluation tool and expert insights on the psychology of play.  To know more, reach out to Cassidy Newman, Communications Specialist, WhiteWater and download the complete Play report now!