Case Study: Aquatic Play Refresh at Aquapark Dalmatia at Solaris Beach Resort

Entertaining guests for over 10 years, Aquapark Dalmatia has become a staple attraction in Croatia. Combining a lazy river, RainFortress 4, and a variety of kids’ slides, the water park features a good mix of attractions to drive hotel bookings and entice guests of all ages. Of the attractions on-site, the RainFortress 4 is the most popular, accommodating up to 500 guests of all ages simultaneously. However, with popularity comes increased usage, leading to wear and tear on the theming features and netting of the structure.

Recognizing the need for revitalization, WhiteWater collaborated with Solaris Beach Resort and the operators at Aquapark Dalmatia to breathe new life into the aquatic play structure. Through careful planning and execution, the revitalization effort aimed not only to restore the attraction’s visual appeal but also to ensure seamless functionality, reaffirming its position as a beloved highlight of the water park experience.

Scope of Work: A Focus on Safety and Aesthetics

Before work was to begin, WhiteWater always recommended a thorough inspection of the equipment. Located only 90 minutes from Croatia, the WhiteWater team in Poland was able to perform an in-depth assessment, with the added benefit of being the original manufacturer. This meant that the team already knew the attraction in detail and could see issues or opportunities for optimization that others might not see. The resulting inspection report included a proposed scope of work to revitalize the RainFortress 4, including:

  • Repainting all the steel
  • Resurfacing the water slides
  • Retheming various elements on the structure
  • Replacing the structure’s netting

Before and after comparison photos are very satisfying, but they don’t tell the whole story. Here are a few things you can’t tell from the photos:

1. Improving the Ride Experience for Guests

Having worked with fiberglass for over 40 years, WhiteWater has in-house specialists who know the best practices for removing imperfections without going too deep to compromise the slide’s integrity. At Aquapark Dalmatia, WhiteWater’s Performance Services team led water slide resurfacing efforts to remove mineral build-up from the gel coat surface. This build-up can lead to corrosion on the fiberglass, which can cause unsafe and uncomfortable riding conditions. Also, the team used high-end products and proven methods to combat prolonged exposure to UV and high temperatures, which is typical during the summer months in regions like Croatia.

WhiteWater’s talented team airbrushes various elements on the structure to bring colour and life back into the RainFortress 4

2. An Eye for Detail & Creativity

Aquatic play structures are popular because of the level of immersion they offer guests with detailed theming elements to help bring them into a new world. The WhiteWater team noticed that various elements of the RainFortress 4 were starting to look faded and were falling apart due to high usage. To give the structure a refresh, WhiteWater’s talented team of artists airbrushed the toys to give them a fresh look. The effect is striking.

After the painting of the steel and re-opening of RainFortress 4

3. Refreshing the Structure from Top to Bottom

While most attention tends to go to the water slides, the WhiteWater team noticed the steel underneath the toys and slides could benefit from some added colour as well. Repainting all of the steel on the RainFortress 4 a vibrant red, the steel now complements the bright bold colours of the surrounding slides and makes the structure stand out against a beautiful bright blue sunny day.

Coming Soon: Brand New Attractions

There’s a lot of excitement at Solaris Beach Resort as the property looks to open an expansion to Aquapark Dalmatia this summer. With over seven attractions coming to the hotel water park, it will be hard to tell what’s new and what was existing on the property with the recently completed Performance Services work on the RainFortress 4 and kids’ water slides, making these look brand new again. Contact WhiteWater’s Performance Services to refurbish your water slides and aquatic play structures and protect your investment for years to come.

Cassidy Newman