Collaborator Profile: Legacy Entertainment

In our second installment of our Collaborator Profile series, we’d like to spotlight Los Angeles-based Legacy Entertainment. They’re one of our favourite companies to work with because anytime they ring us to collaborate on a new project, we can count on them to come up with something extremely unique, and often, groundbreaking.

This was most recently evidenced with the opening of the “Lava Drifting” Spinning Rapids Ride at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park in China. It’s not only the longest Spinning Rapids Ride in the world, but also the longest rapids ride in the world! Add to the fact that it’s the world’s first fusion water ride, with a Manta section, and you have an attraction worthy of shouting about.

Legacy has always been a fan of our Spinning Rapids Ride, and in this case, they wanted to truly go above and beyond what had been done before. Right from the beginning, when development for the park started in 2013, the ride was the first thing that the Legacy team wanted to include. The end result is a ride that combines elements from three different ride systems to create a unique experience that’s unlike anything guests have seen before.

Looking to the future, we are continuing to work with Legacy, and are in the midst of creating an innovative, next-generation water park concept for Cirque du Soleil. In addition, we’re also planning and developing new projects for Chimelong Group in China. At the moment, we are hard at work on some exciting new projects that we hope to announce later this year.

Dawn Kirby