Franceen Gonzales Named One of blooloop’s 50 Theme Park Influencers Of 2020

Our safety champion has done it once again! We are happy to announce WhiteWater’s Executive VP of Business Development, Franceen Gonzales, has been named one of blooloop’s 50 Theme Park Influencers of 2020, this is the second time she has made the list.

Leader of the Americas sales team, Franceen is constantly growing other members of our team. An active participant in the industry, Franceen has an active involvement in numerous organizations including IAAPA, AIMS, ASTM and ACOLAP, a non-profit trade union entity in Colombia.

Currently serving on the Board of Directors of AIMS (Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers) and NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation), Franceen teaches certifications such as the upcoming AIMS Pool Operators Certification Course. Franceen is also a former board chair and board member of WWA (World Waterpark Association) and the IAAPA board of directors and has been recognized with multiple industry awards for her volunteer work.

A more recent milestone for Franceen was her appointment as Chairperson of ASTM’s F24 committee – Amusement Rides and Devices. Franceen is breaking history as the first woman to hold this post.

Throughout her illustrious career, Franceen has focused on building leadership teams, developing operating protocols, consulting on the design of new water parks and resorts, and working on aquatic risk management. What we see in Franceen is an amazing leader and inspiration to all the women in our industry, of which there aren’t enough. Franceen shows what it is to lead by example, she tirelessly gives her time and expertise to mentor and support those around her and is always happy to help client and colleague alike.

Congratulations to Franceen and all those celebrated on the list! To see the rest of the 2020 Influencers you can view the complete list here:

Cassidy Newman