Balancing Creativity and Metrics: Marketing Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight

WhiteWater presents… the teams behind your most memorable water slides and attractions and those favourites yet to come. This month, we are shining the spotlight on our passionate Marketing Team (full disclosure: as written by the Marketing Team).

infographic with marketing team stats

What does the Marketing Team do in the big picture?

In essence, we help developers and park operators all over the world find best-in-class water attractions at WhiteWater to turn their vision into reality—and understand why working with us will help them achieve long-term business success (#ThoughtLeadership).

Marketing is the steward of all WhiteWater brands and communicates the voice and value of each— corporate, FlowRider®, Endless Surf, and Vantage—while being astute to regional considerations.

What does the Marketing Team do day to day?

Across all our brands and business units, we work closely with different departments in the company. The responsibilities at Marketing can be divided into four categories:

  1. Content and communications: press release, news, blog articles, social media, videos, podcasts, ads, presentations, newsletters, award submissions.
  2. Sales enablement: brochures, sales sheets, multimedia.
  3. Events: preparation, logistics, and design for trade shows and conferences, speaking engagements, webinars.
  4. Technology: update and maintenance of multiple websites, digital advertisement, lead generation, tracking, analytics.

Busy times for Marketing – logistics, design, and communications for trade shows

We strive to continuously improve processes to work smoothly with our sales and technical teams as well as build good relationships with external media and trade organizations.

Funniest campaign:

For Valentine’s Day this year, we ran a tongue-in-cheek promotion of WhiteWater’s after sales services called “Love Your Water Ride,” which necessitated a lot of serious research time on Tinder.

Favourite video:

We can’t stop watching this happy video that is the centerpiece of our “Make Magic” campaign last year. It is a celebration of how our industry creates bright memories for families all over the world, which took on a special meaning as we continued to recover from the pandemic.

The moments we realized we work for a pretty unique industry:

“It was the realization on my first international trip to a water park that this wasn’t going to be a normal job. I was ‘at work’ in a swimsuit screaming down a slide on a double inner tube with a colleague’s legs either side of me.” – Una

“The first water park I ever visited on behalf of WhiteWater was Morgan’s Inspiration Island in San Antonio, Texas. The park was designed, not just for accessibility, but inclusivity, so that everyone, no matter ability, can play alongside each other, not in separate queue lines or areas. Since that time, I’ve been very fortunate to get to visit some pretty amazing parks around the world, but this is the park that stays with me. The attention and thoughtfulness put into this place so that everyone gets to enjoy a day out at the park with their families is really special and something I hope more parks continue to adopt.” – Dawn

Boy in wheelchair playing inside water park

“The first time I walked into the manufacturing office and saw all of the crazy animal sculptures, it really came into focus that we do some pretty amazing and cool stuff.” – Cassidy

nickelodeon water play structure spongebob bikini bottom beach

Getting to know the Marketing Team members:

Harmony Liau