Regional Spotlight: WhiteWater’s APAC Team

Previously, we’ve introduced you to our Middle East team and our Europe team. Continuing our series, we would like to take you to Asia now to meet our APAC team.

Key facts

  • Years in the region: 35+
  • Team members: 23
  • Departments: 6, including Business Development, Marketing, Engineering, Performance Services, Project Management, Supply Chain
  • Locations: Shanghai and beyond

Office Origin Story

Chimelong was the turning point.

Based in Vancouver, WhiteWater had been selling in Asia since 1986 and was the first foreign water park supplier in China. Sure, there was a lot of travelling back and forth between Canada and Asia, but it was all very manageable.

That is, until we completed the first water park for Chimelong in Guangzhou, China, in 2007.

This high-profile project drew an incredible amount of interest, and with that, a wave of requests from developers who also wanted to create amazing water attractions.

“As soon as we landed back in Vancouver, clients would call us to ask when we’re coming back to China,” recalled Phil Zhong, COO of WhiteWater in Asia, who was a project manager at the time.

By 2011, with an influx of new opportunities coming in, it was an easy decision to open an office in China to better serve the clients in their language and time zone. So, Phil left Vancouver for Shanghai to set up the next exciting chapter in WhiteWater’s history.


Meeting Local Demands and Requirements

At first, the Shanghai location covered sales and project management, including install advisors. As more clients came to WhiteWater for ambitious, world-class attractions, more roles and functions were added to meet the specific demands of the Chinese market, which made it into the full-service office it is today.

For example, we have a supply chain manager responsible for strategic sourcing in China. We have a marketing manager versed in Chinese content and platforms. We have engineering to ensure all our products and installations comply with CSEI documentation and requirements. We have after sales—called Performance Services—to support parks for the entire lifespan of our products.

Beyond China, the APAC team is located all over East Asia, South East Asia, and Australia.

Here are some team members we’d like to introduce you to.

Working with Global Standards and Local Expertise

Phil is a native of Shanghai and a highly qualified engineer. Besides being the WhiteWater’s Asia COO, he also serves as Director of Engineering. Since establishing the China office in 2011, he has played a pivotal role spearheading transformative projects in the region—projects that have set industry benchmarks and received accolades.


Dawn Tong, Senior Vice President, Business Development, is versed in both Western and Eastern business practices. An industry veteran who advises developers in Greater China on their visions, she has worked on some of the most successful water parks in the region, including several OCT Playa Maya parks, Ocean Park Water World, Studio City Water Park, and SnowStar Water Park.

Lavender Zhang brings valuable project management experience from the client side to her role as Vice President, Business Development, facilitating the understanding between developer needs and supplier capabilities. Some of her favourite projects include Haichang Ocean Park and Hello Kitty Theme Park, both in Shanghai.

Making sure the APAC market knows our offerings—and an indispensable part of regional trade shows—is Marketing Manager, Megan Mo. She understands the nuances of each territory and creates content that speaks to those audiences.

A group of people standing at the Shanghai office

Serving South East Asian needs are Gavin Smith and Brian Walker Smith. With an interdisciplinary background of design, construction, manufacturing, and procurement, Gavin helps clients realize their dreams on time and within budget. Similarly, Brian brings over 30 years of attractions industry experience in the region, leading the development of water parks, FECs, and resort and hospitality venues. Some of the brands Gavin and Brian have worked with include VinWonders, Vana Nava, and LEGOLAND®.

One of the advantages for Asian clients when they work with WhiteWater is our regional supply chain. Frank Tang manages this integrated network, which reduces delivery time and cost for clients.

Coupling international standards with local specifications is Zhi Liu. With 15 years of experience in steel structural design and a deep knowledge of CSEI requirements, Zhi ensures a high level of structural safety for our installations.

Overseeing project details from start to finish is Project Manager Will Wang, who brought his installation experience to WhiteWater over 10 years ago. His familiarity with many prominent parks in the region means it is much easier for these clients to work with us again.  

At WhiteWater, we stand by our products, and Performance Services Manager, Laguna Xu, takes good care of client maintenance, support, and refurbishment needs. In addition to great all-round technical knowledge, he is a skillful problem-solver, satisfying local operators while coordinating with the head office.

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Project Highlights in APAC

Never a quiet moment in Asia, here are some prominent projects you will hear more about very soon.

Waterbom Bali: Asia’s Top Water Park

Waterbom Bali in Indonesia has been a premier destination since opening in 1993. Consistently ranked as the best water park in Asia on Tripadvisor and considered the most sustainable park in the world, Waterbom Bali continues to trust WhiteWater with its latest expansions. Later this year, the world’s largest AquaForms modular aquatic play structure will open here. This enduring partnership demonstrates WhiteWater’s role in the park’s sustained success and appeal.

SnowStar: A Revolutionary Mixed Resort in Shanghai

SnowStar, poised to become the world’s largest indoor ski resort, is nearing completion in Shanghai. Spanning 350,000 square meters, this project features a 90,000-square-meter indoor ski area, an all-season indoor and outdoor water park, a star-rated hotel, a multi-functional convention center, and a thematic retail village. SnowStar shall be a premier one-stop destination for snow and ice holidays, demonstrating WhiteWater’s diverse capabilities beyond traditional water parks.

Parkwood Village: Australia’s First Surf Park

The Club at Parkwood Village on Australia’s Gold Coast has received local council approval for an exciting new development, including a surf park. This project plans to enrich the community with expanded hotel facilities, healthcare, and commercial services, alongside a new 200+ bed hotel and residential apartments. The centerpiece, an Endless Surf lagoon, promises to become the crowning feature of the community.

Breaking Records: M100 Water Park

Currently under construction in China, the M100 Tower will be the tallest water park tower in the world when completed, at 100 meters. This monumental structure will showcase WhiteWater’s forward-thinking approach to vertical water park development, which aims to maximize thrills in compact footprints. By integrating iconic slides and IP-themed experiences, WhiteWater is enhancing the unique appeal of water parks, tailored to the evolving preferences of the experience economy.

SnowStar Water Park Shanghai China render

“Clients really appreciate working with us,” said Phil. “Not just because WhiteWater is well known but also because we bring international standards across a full range of services—in the client’s language, their time zone, and their business customs—to realize their ambitions.

“They come back to us time and time again,” he added, “Because they have built close relationships with individuals on our team who have known them for 5, 10, or even 20 years. It really helps the clients to have this stability and reliability.”

There is much more to WhiteWater’s APAC team and activities. Learn more at

Megan Mo