A Manta in Siberia

By the river Ob, in the city of Novosibirsk, is located Russia’s largest indoor waterpark complex, AquaWorld “Akvamir” Waterpark. Owners, Kvarsis, had an 18-year dream to bring a unique and world-class waterpark to Russia’s third largest city, and after three years of construction, they got their wish when AquaWorld opened its doors to the public in October of 2016. While smaller cities in the region already had waterparks, Novosibirsk finally had one to call its own.

The massive 100,000 square meter facility houses not only the waterpark, but also an expansive spa, 10-storey hotel, 9-storey fitness complex, and various restaurants and bars. At 40,000 square meters, the AquaWorld waterpark complex is an impressive assortment of attractions designed to entertain and thrill guests of all ages. “With a total length of one kilometre, our 13 waterslides, including Europe’s first Manta, were designed, constructed, manufactured, and installed to world safety standards,” said Shurupov Vladislav, Deputy Director of AquaWorld by Kvarsis.

The company Kvarsis turned to for the most important component of their waterpark was WhiteWater, the world’s premier waterpark and attractions company. WhiteWater worked with the team at Kvarsis to create the perfect ride mix with high thrill rides, family slides, high-capacity attractions, and kids’ areas to round out their offering. “WhiteWater understood our ambition to create the biggest and most unique waterpark in Russia,” commented Vladislav.

The park features a number of WhiteWater’s most popular slides, such as the AquaSphere, Constrictor, and Space Bowl, which they’ve dubbed the ‘Tornado’. However, it’s their striking blue and white Manta that has really become their iconic attraction. No matter where you stand in the park, it’s easy to spot the enormous, 12-meter high wings of this visually-impressive slide.

The ride experience is as exciting as its appearance; as riders near the end of the enclosed flume, the monstrous walls of the ride are revealed, building the anticipation for what’s to come. What happens next is a heart-pumping drop into the Manta valley below, before the raft rises up the other side to reach a “zero-gravity” apex followed by a drop back down, then up the other side, and so on, and so on, until reaching the Manta’s tail, for a total ride length of 138.5 meters. Guests can watch all of this take place from the park’s viewing platform, building their excitement for what’s to come.

“It was great to work with a team who has the vision to bring their city the very best waterpark possible, and the result is one of the most beautiful indoor parks I have seen,” commented Valentin Elson, WhiteWater’s Vice President of Business Development for Russia and Eastern Europe. Open year round, AquaWorld aims to attract 1.5 million guests this year to their waterpark from the Siberian capital and surrounding area, and we think they’re well on their way.

Dawn Kirby